Bonfire Grill Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

bonfire grill review

The Bonfire Grill is a cozy restaurant that has become popular among the locals in Forest Hills. It has dark wood furnishings and a large bar. The front wall of the restaurant is lined with large windows letting in tons of natural light during the day. The Bonfire Grill offers brunch and dinner and serves an eclectic menu of traditional American cuisine, seasonal dishes and seafood. Some of the most popular items on their menu include penne ala vodka, French onion soup, cheeseburger sliders and flash fried calamari.

The newest addition to the Bonfire family is their Cast Iron Grill. This add-on is a great addition to the fire pit as it allows you to cook up some steaks and other foods that require high heat for a perfect sear. The grill attaches to the top of the Bonfire and has wide grates for even heating. The Grill is also compatible with the other Bonfire attachments like the Griddle and Wok so you can expand your cooking options.

A big upgrade compared to the first generation Bonfire is their removable ash pan. The previous model required you to flip the entire stove over to remove the ash tray, which was awkward and messy. The new ash tray is easy to remove and can be dumped into the trash without having to completely disassemble your Bonfire.

Another huge upgrade is the fact that this grill can be used on its own if you don’t want to buy all of the other accessories. This makes the Bonfire a great option for those who want to BBQ but don’t have a lot of space. It’s also great for camping or beach parties as it’s easy to set up and cook some meals while hanging out with friends.

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