Boost Your Business Revenue with Guest Wifi

January 26, 2024
Natalie Thorburn


Have you ever thought about offering guest wifi to help your business make more money? In this article we are introducing how Routie guest wifi can help unlock increased revenue and opportunities with your current customers. Routie guest wifi is not just about giving your customers internet access - it's about improving the guest experience and building your database, which can lead to increased revenue. Let's dive into the ways that Routie guest wifi can help your business.

1. Make Customers Happy

When customers visit your business and see that you offer free wifi, they're likely to stay longer. This is great for businesses like cafes, bookstores, and restaurants. The more time customers spend in your business, the higher the chances they will make one or more purchases.

2. Learn More About Your Customers

Routie guest wifi includes robust analytics that help you better understand your customers. You can see trends relating to the times and days people visit and how much time they spend online. With this data, you can target visitors with special deals and encourage repeat visits. This helps you tailor your offers to what your customers want, at the right time, to help increase your business’ income.

3. Having Consistent Branding

It’s important that when visitors use your wifi to get online your business’ brand is consistent and relatable. With Routie guest wifi you get to design your wifi login splash page with your logo, custom colors, photos and messaging that matches your brand. Branding continuity is important when building customer loyalty.

4. Get More Visibility for Your Business on Social Media

When customers log into Routie guest wifi with their social media accounts, your business gets more attention online. You can encourage guests to follow your business’ social accounts, post pictures, or even leave reviews. This type of engagement builds the public profile for your business, increases credibility and helps bring in new customers.

5. Earn Money with Ads

Routie guest wifi can show an ad to people who log into your guest wifi. You can promote a product, loyalty program or event. This is a great way to get the most out of each customer who uses your guest wifi and improve customer engagement.

6. Charge for High Speed Access

With Routie guest wifi, you can have the choice of offering free wifi access or guests can pay for high speed internet. Charging for high speed internet is beneficial for hotels, RV parks, boat marinas and camp sites that want to charge visitors for high speed access.

7. Ask Customers What They Think

You can use Routie guest wifi to get valuable customer feedback. When setting up your guest wifi login splash page, you can include a link to a quick survey or request a review about what they think of your place. You can also reward customers with a special deal or other incentive to increase engagement.

8. Build Your Community

Routie guest wifi helps create a community around your business. By offering free guest wifi you get to build a customer database when people get online. This makes it easy to send emails and SMS for special events or other offerings to people in the community.


While all businesses rely on customers, very few businesses build a customer database. By building a database of email addresses, phone numbers and birthdays, your business is able to communicate directly and encourage repeat business. This type of communication will help make your business more accessible and relatable. This also helps build customer loyalty

Routie guest wifi is the most effective and affordable guest wifi solution for your business. Check out Routie guest wifi at


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