Bootleg Adjustable Bolt Carrier Group Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

bootleg adjustable bolt carrier group review

Product Description

The Bootleg adjustable bolt carrier group is a clever and elegant solution to one of the biggest headaches in building an AR. Overgassing of an AR barrel (even one that is considered 'high end') is not uncommon, and suppressor use can exacerbate this issue even further.

Rather than going the adjustable gas block route, which can be time consuming and require a lot of skill to fine-tune, Bootleg has created the BCG itself that offers a four-setting vent system designed to relieve excess gas pressure from the suppressor. This allows the user to find a setting that maximizes performance for their specific rifle configuration and ammunition, barrel length, gas port size, and buffer and action spring.

Complete Bolt carrier group, machined from S7 Tool Steel with Lithium Isonite Coating - 4 Setting Adjustable Vent System to relieve excess gas pressure created from suppressor use, creating longer dwell time and less blowback to the shooter. Easily fine-tuned with a flathead screwdriver – while it’s in the rifle.

Best of all, it’s a simple drop-in upgrade to an AR-15/M4 pattern rifle. It uses all standard Mil-Spec components, including a staked gas key and adjustment pin for easy cleaning.

It is also worth noting that it is a little on the expensive side for the average enthusiast, but it is definitely an improvement over the standard BCG. It’s a great solution for the gun aficionado looking to save money while still getting the most out of their next build.

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