Bose True Sound Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

bose true sound review

A comfortable, lightweight set of Bose headphones that offer a clear sound profile and plenty of features. While they aren't for audiophiles, these closed back headphones do have an excellently crisp clarity that reveals even fine details like synth grunge and guitar fret noise. They're also surprisingly balanced in the bass and mid-range, lacking the lower-mid bloat that's common among true wireless earbuds.

They're also impressively flexible, fitting comfortably on the head and ears without putting too much pressure on the ears. The ear cups can rotate, and they also fold flat for storage in the included case. Bluetooth maintains a stable connection and battery life is good for long listening sessions. They do have a slight issue with touch controls, which aren't responsive enough, but that's something that can probably be fixed via a firmware update.

Stylish, comfortable, and easy to use, the SoundTrue Around-Ear II are a solid choice for on-the-go listening. The headset's ear cups are very lightweight, and the headband is thin but nicely padded. As such, the headphones feel like a pillow against your head and won't weigh you down while you listen. The control scheme is straightforward and easy to navigate, allowing you to easily switch between tracks or adjust the volume. The SoundTrue Around-Ear II also come with an inline control module that offers call/music, track skipping, and volume control. You can also pair them with your phone or tablet using Bose's app to get access to additional settings and features.

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