Box Vs OneDrive - Which Cloud Storage Solution is Right For Your Business?

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

onedrive vs box

Box and OneDrive both offer business cloud storage solutions, so determining which will meet your organization's specific needs may be daunting. Each one boasts their own set of benefits; ultimately the final decision comes down to meeting individual business goals. Some key differentiators include Office integration, file sharing capabilities, mobile app experience and pricing considerations.

Microsoft OneDrive (opens in new tab) is widely known for its seamless integration into computers running Windows OS and its suite of software dubbed "Microsoft Office." Additionally, OneDrive boasts a great mobile app experience but falls behind competitors such as Dropbox in features like file versioning and simultaneous uploads from multiple devices. OneDrive offers both a free plan with unlimited storage as well as paid subscription options with increased collaboration features and storage capacity.

OneDrive is used by over 500 million people globally and integrates with more than 1,500 apps (such as Office). As a result, OneDrive makes an ideal solution for companies utilizing various technologies for work that need cloud storage solutions that integrate easily.

Both Box and OneDrive offer businesses a comprehensive set of features designed to store, share, edit and collaborate on files. In addition to traditional file sharing and editing features, both platforms also support document collaboration through team folders and co-authoring features. Both also offer an intuitive web interface and mobile app experience so files can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Security-wise, both services offer robust encryption to safeguard sensitive information. OneDrive stands out when it comes to privacy controls as users can determine who can view which data, while Box offers more limited restrictions.

OneDrive offers much for both personal and professional users alike, yet competition among cloud storage solutions is fierce. Both Box and OneDrive boast competitive prices, mobile apps that make using them simple, and various features that could appeal to businesses looking for cloud storage solutions. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses carefully consider all available solutions before choosing one that meets both their requirements and budget requirements.

Box is a secure cloud-based storage platform available across Windows PCs, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices. It enables syncing across these platforms while supporting over 1,500 third-party integrations - making it an indispensable asset for companies that rely on multiple software to complete their work efficiently.

Pitt Information Technology completed their enterprise license agreement with Box in August 2022 and transitioned all Box data over to Microsoft OneDrive, which offers many of the same features with an intuitive user experience. Both services provide free storage space of up to 5 GB each and support most common file formats; OneDrive offers more extensive video support as well as high resolution image display capability than Box.

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