Boyds AT-One Thumbhole Stock Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

boyds at one thumbhole stock review

Boyds is a leader in laminated wood gun stocks, making them since 1981. Their newest stock, the AT-One, is a combination of two previous models that has many adjustments for a custom fit.

The new design features the Bring-It comb, which offers a 9/16 inch height adjustment range, and adjustable butt stock and cheek pad for a comfortable feel. It has a single point rifle sling mount that can also be used for a two-point system, and it has traditional beavertail sling studs on the lower buttstock for prone shooting. The adjustable forearm allows you to choose between a traditional swept-back pistol grip or the thicker target grip that is designed for prone shooting.

In my testing of the new stock, I found that it fits well and is easy to use. It also looks great. It completely transforms a Ruger 77 into one of the more attractive bolt actions on the market. The At-One in the “Pepper” finish the rifle owner selected is gorgeous, with a beautiful laminate wood, stainless action and trigger guard, and accented well with the black recoil pad, cheek pad, and grip sections.

The AT-One is priced around $200 and is available online from the Boyds website. They will be bringing them to the Shot Show, and you can see the selection of colors and options at their booth.

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