Brent Mason Telecaster Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

brent mason telecaster review

If you’re a country guitar player, chances are good that you’ve heard of Nashville session guitarist Brent Mason. He’s played on more studio recordings than most people can count, and his tasty guitar parts and stylistic bending technique have made him an icon in the genre.

Fender partnered with Mason to create the Brent Mason Telecaster, which is designed to capture his classic sound. It’s built on an Ash body with a Maple neck, and it has a 3-way switch and a Seymour Duncan trio of pickups. This combination gives the guitar a wide range of tones and can be used for almost any type of music.

This guitar also has 21 frets, which is a good number for most players. Although 24 frets have become popular recently, many players prefer a lower number for their comfort level. Besides, having fewer frets will help the neck pickup achieve a warmer tone. The guitar features a Coil Split option, which allows you to'split' the coils of the pickups, resulting in more tones.

The Brent Mason Telecaster also has a locking tuner, which is helpful for tuning stability and making string changes much easier. The locking tuners are especially useful for acoustic guitars, as they eliminate the possibility of the strings jumping out of tune during use. In addition, the locking tuners make it much easier to maintain proper intonation. They are also easy to adjust, which makes them ideal for all types of guitars.

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