BTS Tamagotchi - Play With the Band Members in Pixels and Bones

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

bts tamagotchi

The BTS Tamagotchi is an interactive digital pet that allows fans to care for each member of the band. Available in purple and red versions with designs inspired by songs from BT21 albums, these devices are now up for pre-ordering!

Players must play games and raise the Tamagotchi's barometers in order to keep it happy; otherwise, their pet may run away through its Magic Door.


Are you a fan of BTS and want to play with their members pixel by pixel? Now's your chance! BTS has joined forces with toy maker Bandai and released TinyTAN Tamagotchi devices, which allow fans to take care of members such as RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook V & Jimin in digital form.

These new devices come in both purple and red versions, featuring designs inspired by Mic Drop and Magic Door songs by the group. Users will also have access to games such as Dance! Dynamite and Make a Custard Tart.

Tamagotchi has been around since 1996, with each successive generation adding features and improving gameplay. V5 emphasizes family dynamics with characters interacting based on daily behaviors and bonding levels with the player; when this bonding threshold has been met, characters will show affection towards one another through cute animations.


The original Tamagotchi series included multiple characters, such as Mesutchi and Osutchi that can interlock by touching their tops, depending on how well cared for they are. A pair could produce children depending on quality of care, with special edition tamagotchis available to mark special events or occasions. Furthermore, each game can also be saved and saved up for special moments or occasions.

The Tamagotchi Connect (also referred to in America) is an upgraded model capable of connecting to cell phones. It includes some classic characters as well as some brand new ones and can access food from every region in Japan via its 10-digit password system. Furthermore, special pins allow access to group activities.

Bandai Namco of Tokyo has collaborated with global K-pop sensation BTS to produce a line of Tamagotchi devices featuring their boy band members. Available in purple and red versions inspired by songs Magic Door and Mic Drop respectively, fans can watch virtual versions of RM, Jin, SuGA, J-Hope Jimin V dance or bake in minigames!


Bandai, the world's favorite boy band, and fans now have an innovative way to experience BTS: Tamagotchi BTS Edition! Reminiscent of its predecessor from 2000s era Tamagotchis, virtual BTS characters can be fed, awakened up, played with in mini games such as Dance! Dynamite or Make a Custard Tart.

Devices available in purple or red can display one of seven members from Big Bang -- RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, V, Jimin or Jung Kook -- depending on how the player interacts with them. They also come equipped with stress barometers that show character's moods as well as hairstyle changers depending on user engagement with character.

TinyTAN Hugmy Tamagotchi sets are also available, featuring an adorable chibi figure of each member and an exclusive black-shell Tamagotchi Nano device.


Since 1985, Tamagotchi has been one of the go-to portable electronic toys. These egg-shaped trinkets have captured generations, with multiple variations available on this classic toy available to choose from in the marketplace - including models, upgrades and new versions which may prove confusing for anyone just starting out!

The 4U (Tamagotchi Foyu Purasu) was released in Japan in 2015. It features a larger screen, more powerful CPU, and new games; additionally it can connect with other devices via NFC to allow players to trade characters with one another and get access to downloadable content.

The BTS TinyTAN x Tamagotchi Red Ver is an updated version of the original Tamagotchi Plus with pixelated band members dancing and engaging in other activities - it can even go to the sauna! Players can feed and watch these cute stars grow, play games with them and see them change outfits over time!

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