Bushmaster MPW Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

bushmaster mpw review

If you’re looking for a fun, authentic, and affordable way to experience full-automatic M4-style gun action, look no further than the Bushmaster MPW CO2 Blowback BB Machine Gun. Based directly on the popular Crosman DPMS SBR M4 replica, this smaller and lighter version offers the same genuine feel, familiar controls, and raging rate of fire – all at a more palatable street price.

Load the 25-round drop-free magazine, cock the MPW with the M4-style charging handle, flip the selector switch to “FUN” (full auto), and watch as this BB gun sends a torrent of steel BBs downrange at a blistering 430 FPS! Powered by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges housed in the easy-to-access drop-free magazine, this M4-style gun is also fully customizable thanks to a quad rail and moveable angled foregrip.

The trigger pull is long and two-stage with a heavy feel, as expected from an AR-style firearm. It is well-suited to target shooting, but would be inappropriate for precision shooting. HAM Tester Doug Wall sighted-in the included red dot sight for use with Crosman BBs at 6 Yards and the MPW performed very well, holding groups smaller than a quarter.

The MPW has a lot going for it, from its full-auto capability and realistic blowback to its ability to accept real-steel AR-compatible rear stocks and grips, and limitless mounting accessories like flashlights, lasers, and more, via its Picatinny optics rail. For the street price of $200, this is a fantastic way to get the feel and look of a full-auto M4-style gun without breaking the bank.

David Sunnyside
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