Bushnell Blood Tracking Light Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

blood tracking light review

In the hunt for wounded prey, a blood tracking light is an essential tool. Unlike regular flashlights that only reflect UV rays and can make blood appear black against the foliage, these lights are fitted with specialized LEDs or filters to illuminate blood as bright red against leaves and dirt so hunters can follow the trail to their trophy kill. But not all blood tracking lights are created equal.

This top-rated blood tracking light from Bushnell is made with aircraft grade aluminum and has a durable, impact-resistant build that’s built to last. It has two power settings — intense HD tracking and low illumination mode – and is compatible with CR123 batteries (which are higher in voltage than standard AAs). It also features an easy-to-use dial to switch between functions, which makes it super-fast and convenient.

The best thing about this blood tracking flashlight is its versatility. It comes with red, white, and blue LED emitters to provide you with different options depending on your needs. The red setting is great for preserving night vision and works perfectly when hunting deer. The white mode is a good all-around flashlight, and the blue setting is specifically tuned for detecting blood trails.

Compared to the Primos TRKR 600L, this one is a bit lighter and more compact. It also uses a single AA battery instead of the more expensive and harder to find CR123s. It has a slightly different design too, with a knob to change modes rather than a button. However, it might take a little time to get used to the difference in ergonomics.

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