Bushnell XRS Review - A Closer Look at the Elite Tactical Riflescope

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

bushnell xrs review

Bushnell has made a name for themselves in the competitive long-distance shooting world with their Elite Tactical scopes. These first-focal-plane (FFP) scopes deliver on the premium features that professional shooters demand — like ED prime glass and a 4.5-30x zoom range that can acquire targets well beyond 1,000 yards. The XRS is the company's flagship optic, and it’s a popular choice with military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters.

I’ve put the XRS through its paces, using it as my primary rifle scope over the course of several classes and competitions. It’s a workhorse, and it responds and tracks beautifully. This article is designed to give you a closer look at the XRS and show you why it's a top choice for a long-distance precision riflescope.

When you compare the XRS to the DMRII, there’s not much of an observable difference on the low end of the magnification spectrum. However, at higher magnifications the differences become noticeable. The XRS is noticeably brighter at high magnifications, and it also has better edge-to-edge clarity. The XRS also has better stray light handling in the form of less flare and less haze.

This is due in part to the ED prime glass, which delivers rich color and contrast. It’s also due to the argon purged fog-proofing and the exclusive EXO barrier protection that molecularly bonds with the lenses to repel water, oil, dust, dirt, debris and prevent scratches. The XRS also has a locking windage and elevation turret that ensures they stay adjusted for your eye, and a Rev Limiter Zero Stop that prevents them from turning past their initial zero.

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