Callaway Warbird Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Callaway golf is a brand that is known for producing high quality clubs and golf balls. Their clubs are built for a wide range of handicappers and the golf balls are made to help players get more distance on every drive. Callaway’s complete sets offer the best combination of clubs for beginners and mid-handicappers and are the perfect place to start playing the game of golf.

The Callaway Warbird golf ball is a distance ball that is designed for all swing speeds. It has a lower compression than most other golf balls on the market and is intended for golfers who are seeking more distance from tee to green. The Warbird has a large high energy core that creates lots of speed to give golfers the maximum distance possible from every drive.

This ball has a Hex Aerodynamic dimple pattern that reduces drag and allows the ball to fly through the air faster. The ball also has an ionomer cover that helps to provide feel and control around the greens.

When we tested the golf ball, we found that it performed as expected from the tee and with fairway woods and low irons. We were impressed with how straight the ball flew and that it had rock solid carry distance on every shot.

The ball did not perform as well with wedge shots or when we hit the greens from the rough. It did not have the spin we were looking for to give us a good amount of control on approach shots.

David Sunnyside
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