Calogel Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

calogel review

Calogel is a permeable system that allows moisture to pass through the gel layers and evaporate. This helps prevent lifting and keeps the nail healthy by preventing fungus from developing. It also dries fast so less filing and buffing is needed. It is a low odor and non-staining formula that does not require a separate base coat and top coat. It has a natural finish that does not contain acrylic or fiberglass and is a one phase soak off system.

Calagel is the ultimate anti itchy product - it's clear, so there is no pink mess like in grandma's old recipe and has cooling menthol, it relieves the itching quickly. It also has antihistamine to help reduce swelling and an astringent to dry the oozing of poison oak, poison ivy or poison sumac. It is the perfect addition to first aid kits for outdoor workers.

It has a long history of relief and is standard issue in the first aid kits of outdoor workers throughout the country. It was developed in 1961 during the Cold War years as a waterless cleanser to clean up radioactive contamination. Tecnu quickly became a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts for its ability to cleanse away urushiol oil from the skin and clothing after exposure to poison oak, poison ivy or spruce plants. The same formula has been used in the new calagel product to create an anti-itch gel that is clear, goes on clear and doesn't run.

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