Can AI Be Used to Build Better Teams?

June 18, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

The ability to build and maintain effective teams is crucial for success. We all know that, but can AI play a part in making this happen? Let’s see.

Companies are now exploring how technology can enhance team dynamics, productivity, and overall performance. AI tools and algorithms offer insights into team composition, individual strengths, and collaboration patterns, potentially transforming how teams are assembled and managed. From small businesses to large enterprises, AI's applications in team building are becoming more pronounced and valuable.

The integration of AI into team-building processes can range from analyzing personality traits and predicting compatibility to optimizing task assignments based on individual skills. This not only ensures that teams are balanced and cohesive but also helps in identifying potential conflicts before they arise. Furthermore, AI-driven analytics can provide continuous feedback, enabling teams to adapt and improve in real-time. As businesses strive to stay competitive, leveraging AI to build better teams could be the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency and innovation.

To gain a deeper understanding of how AI is being utilized in team building across different business scales, we spoke with three experts from diverse backgrounds:

Jesse Kleis: Small Business Perspective

Jesse Kleis, the owner of Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, emphasizes the importance of team cohesion and efficiency in a small business setting.

“In a small business, every team member’s contribution is magnified,” says Kleis. “AI has helped us better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our employees. By using AI tools to analyze personality traits and work habits, we can create more balanced teams that work well together.” Kleis highlights that AI has been instrumental in reducing turnover rates and improving employee satisfaction. “It’s about putting the right people together and making sure they complement each other’s skills.”

Anthony Chien: Medium Business Insight

Anthony Chien, President of American Cleanroom Systems, provides insight into how medium-sized businesses can leverage AI to scale their operations efficiently.

“In our industry, precision and reliability are critical,” Chien explains. “AI helps us in assessing the technical skills and compatibility of our teams. We use AI to analyze past project data and predict which team compositions yield the best outcomes.” Chien also points out that AI-driven insights have led to significant improvements in project management and delivery timelines. “By understanding our teams better, we can allocate resources more effectively and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.”

Sarah Marie Naska: Entrepreneurial Approach

Sarah Marie Naska, owner at SMHavice Investments, utilizes AI to streamline and enhance her entrepreneurial ventures.

“As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to make things easier and more efficient,” says Naska. “AI has been a game-changer in how I build and manage my teams. From talent acquisition to daily task management, AI tools provide valuable insights that help me make informed decisions.” Naska adds that AI has enabled her to maintain a flexible and dynamic team structure. “The ability to quickly analyze data and adapt to changing circumstances is crucial. AI gives me the agility to pivot and optimize my team’s performance as needed.”


The use of AI in building better teams is not just a futuristic concept but a present-day reality that businesses of all sizes can benefit from. As demonstrated by the experiences of Jesse Kleis, Anthony Chien, and Sarah Marie Naska, AI provides actionable insights that enhance team composition, efficiency, and overall productivity. By leveraging AI, businesses can create more cohesive and high-performing teams, ultimately driving success and innovation in their respective industries. As AI technology continues to evolve, its role in team building will likely become even more integral, offering new possibilities for businesses to explore and implement.


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