Can I Trust Timeshare Compliance to Exit My Timeshare Contract?

January 26, 2024
Natalie Thorburn


Nowadays, timeshares have become a concern for most people as resort owners charge unnecessary high-priced maintenance fees from their customers. These costs are even higher than the resort cost, causing financial liabilities for timeshare owners.

Hence, people look for reliable liberation firms like Timeshare Compliance to relieve this burden. So that they can relieve themselves from financial burden and come out of hefty traps, in this blog, you will explore more about the company to identify whether it's a reliable option to exit the contract or not.

About Timeshare Compliance

Timeshare Compliance prides itself on providing excellent services to its customers based on commitment, trust, and reputation. The primary goal of the company is to work efficiently toward resolving the client's vacation ownership contract. The company's proficient teams work devotedly and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in the whole cancellation process.

Hence, the company is considered one of the best timeshare cancellation companies among other firms in the industry for its transparent working procedure and its ethos of treating the people they want to be treated. Let's examine its working procedure in detail.

How Does the Company Work?

The company works on a 4-step working process which includes:

Booking of appointment

It is your first step in the cancellation process, and it involves a call from the company's client specialist. The main purpose of the call is to gather basic information about the client's vacation ownership contract and analyze if the case is achievable for the company. If the case seems manageable for the company, then the client specialist will schedule your appointment with one of the company's analysts.

Qualification Process

In this step, the discussion between you and the company's analyst will dive deeper into your contract. The client's contract liabilities and resolution options will be considered in this discussion. As every timeshare contract differs, the client executive will explain the exit strategy according to your circumstances and contractual obligations.

Once the company accepts you as a qualified candidate and you agree to their strategy, terms, and conditions, you will be introduced to the accounts department to proceed with the cancellation process.

Client's Service and Case Management

Once the company receives your written agreement with the company, the company's customer support team will call you to ensure that all the needed documentation is uploaded to the client portal. The client service department will be your main source of contact through the cancellation process.

Contract Cancellation

It is the final step; you become part of Club Freedom, and your vacation ownership contract has been successfully terminated.

What Sets Timeshare Compliance Apart from Others in the Industry?

The company stands out from others in the industry due to its standout features. Here are some of the standout features of the company:

Personalized Solutions:

Each timeshare situation is different, and no one-size-fits-all situation prevails. Timeshare Compliance understands this fact and provides tailored strategies required by each case. The company examines your case and provides strategies according to the client's needs.

Legal Assistance:

The company is considered one of the well-known legal entities specializing in providing effective strategies for contract cancellation. Apart from this, to solve some of the intricate cases, the company takes the assistance of attorneys.

Experienced Team

The company has a team of experienced individuals proficient in solving the complexities of a timeshare contract. This expertise and experience are crucial for clients seeking effective solutions to terminate their timeshare obligations.

Can I Trust Timeshare Compliance?

Overall, timeshare compliance is considered one of the best timeshare cancellation companies as it consists of all the features a client seeks for a satisfied cancellation. However, before considering any company, one should thoroughly research and look for the company's reviews, customer testimonials, and BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation).


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