Can Namor Fly?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

I've seen many comments here on this topic, and a lot of people saying he can fly or not. But I've seen no scans to prove either way. And I've also read that the handbooks say he can fly at up to 400 miles an hour, but no one has been able to show that. So if anyone has any evidence, please post it here.

In the first pic you have out of context he's flying with SS, but that doesnt really tell us anything. You've also posted the Polaris missile scan which isnt really a valid feat unless you can prove that he can go that fast and even then it only shows that he can go far faster than his bio stats but nothing to say that he's anywhere near as fast as or as fast as Storm.

Namor is the ruler of Atlantis and, as such, he frequently leads attacks against the surface world for their perceived transgressions against his people. He's a massively powerful character, who has no problem leading huge battles and massive armies that listen to his every word. His enemies and allies know not to cross him. And, as he grows to adulthood, he's no longer content with just ruling his home ocean. He has joined the Avengers, the Defenders and the X-Men. He's also formed his own pragmatic, villainous team called the Cabal. But, no matter who he works with, his enemies and allies know to be afraid of the Sub-Mariner!

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