Can You Delete Messages on Tinder?

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Tinder is one of the world's most widely used dating apps and while it provides great opportunities to meet people, it does come with some downsides. One issue is its inability to delete messages like other messaging apps do - this can become problematic if an awkward or offensive conversation ensues with one of your matches, or someone sends offensive texts your way. Here we discuss can you delete messages on tinder and provide solutions.

Unmatching is the easiest way to delete Tinder messages. This will erase their conversation from your Tinder account and prevent them from messaging again. Simply launch the app, navigate to Message tab, find person you want to unmatch, swipe left in their chat, click blue shield in top right corner for two options "Report/Unmatch and Unmatch Only", choose unmatch only option when asked by system.

Another option for clearing your device of chats is erasing them entirely - this will also remove them from your match list, blocking them from seeing or messaging you again. To do this, open Tinder app on iOS/Android device, tap profile icon (bottom left/top right depending on platform), message icon in bottom right then message(s). To erase conversation with certain individuals click delete message icon(s), message with them then delete message icon from bottom right to send.

If you want to delete all of the chat history on your device, then either delete each individual message individually, or unmatch and report them. Unfortunately, this process takes time; for a quicker solution it might be easier just unmatch them and move on.

If someone is making you uncomfortable or making you uneasy, blocking them on Tinder may be the right solution for you. Doing this will prevent them from messaging or matching with you again while freeing up storage on your app! However, be mindful that once they are blocked from communicating through Tinder again so if this seems like the correct decision make sure to think carefully before hitting that "block" button!

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