Can You Use an External Mic on an iPhone?

April 17, 2023
Natalie Thorburn


You’ve likely been in situations where you needed to record a conversation or sound for use on an iPhone, but the built-in microphone just wasn’t cutting it.

You may have even tried using headphones with an integrated mic, but the quality was still poor.

Fortunately, there is a solution — you can use an external lavalier microphone to iPhone with your iPhone.

We will discuss the various types of external mics available, how to set them up correctly, lavalier microphone for YouTube and how they can improve the sound quality of your recordings.

An Overview of the Recent Release of the iPhone 14 by Apple

Apple just launched the iPhone 14, and it's got a great new feature: an external microphone! This means that you can now use an external mic to record audio on your iPhone. Here's everything you need to know about using an external mic with your iPhone 14.

The Use of a Wireless Microphone for Video Recording Has Become a Recent Trend

There are many different types of external microphones that you can use with your iPhone. Depending on your needs, you may want to consider a wireless microphone. Wireless microphones are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a number of benefits over traditional wired microphones.

If you're looking to record video, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you'll need to specify who needs to be recorded. This is typically done by selecting the "Video" option in the Camera app. Once you've done that, you can choose to use either the internal microphone or an external microphone.

If you're using an external microphone, you'll need to make sure it's compatible with your iPhone. There are a number of wireless microphones on the market that are compatible with the iPhone, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

One benefit of using a wireless microphone is that it allows for more flexibility when recording video. For example, if you're recording a vlog (video blog), you'll likely want to be able to move around freely while still being able to capture high-quality audio. A wireless microphone will allow you to do just that.

Another benefit of using a wireless microphone is that it can help reduce background noise. This is especially helpful if you're recording in an environment where there's a lot of ambient noise (e.g., a busy coffee shop). By using a wireless microphone, you can ensure that only your voice is being captured,

List of External Microphones and Mics

There are many types of external microphones that can be used with an iPhone, but the most suitable type is a lavalier microphone. Lavalier microphones are small and easy to use, making them ideal for recording video or audio on an iPhone.

If you're looking to record high-quality video or audio on your iPhone, using a lavalier microphone is the best way to go. Lavalier microphones are small and easy to use, making them ideal for recording on an iPhone. Plus, they produce clear and concise sound quality, which is perfect for recording interviews or vlogs.

Lavalier Microphone Is the Most Suitable for iPhone

The lavalier microphone to iPhone is the most popular choice for iPhone users due to its small size and convenience. Lavalier microphones attach to your clothing and are less likely to be dropped or misplaced than other types of microphones.

Definition of Lavalier Microphone

A lavalier microphone is a small microphone that can be attached to clothing. They are often used in recording settings, such as for interviews or lectures, where the hands-free convenience is useful. The Lark M1 is a popular lavalier microphone to iPhone that can be used with an iPhone.

There are several reasons why people might prefer to use a lavalier mic instead of the built-in mic on their iPhone. One advantage is that a lavalier mic can be positioned closer to the person speaking, which can result in better sound quality. Additionally, lavalier mics are less likely to pick up background noise than the built-in mic on an iPhone (or other smartphone). This can be especially important if you're recording video or audio in a noisy environment.

If you're looking for high-quality sound and noise cancellation in a external microphone, the Lark M1 is a great option. This microphone uses four separate capsules to pick up audio from all directions, so you can be sure that your recordings will be clear and free of background noise. The Lark M1 also includes a built-in headphone amplifier for monitoring your recordings, and a low-cut filter to reduce wind noise.


If you're looking for an external microphone that you can use with your iPhone, the Lark M1 is a great option. It's compatible with all models of iPhones, and it gives you clear sound quality. It's also easy to set up and use, and it's affordably priced.

Overall, the Lark M1 is a great choice if you're looking for an external microphone for your iPhone.

To conclude, it is possible to use an external microphone on your iPhone and this can be a great way to improve the sound quality of videos or recordings.

Although there are some limitations with using external mics, such as not being able to control volume levels, the overall experience can be greatly improved.

Whether you’re looking for crystal clear audio for professional work or just want better-sounding voice memos from interviews, investing in an external mic might be worth considering if you have an iPhone.


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