Canon Vivitar 85mm f 1.8 Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

I saw this lens while shopping for some accessories and thought, what the hell, it looks cool, can't be that expensive. So I read some reviews and found out it's a bit cheaper than the Nikon 85mm f 1.4 ($300 ish). So I decided to buy one. I have to say this is a great portrait lens. It does a great job at focusing on faces even when it's wide open. It's a little less sharp at the edges but not really noticeable. I would definitely recommend this for anyone that's interested in getting a good portrait lens for their camera.

I also think this is a great lens for film cameras, the lens hood fits very snugly over it and the front of the lens is pretty narrow, so it takes up minimal space. It also has the advantage of being a manual focus lens, which is much nicer to use on older cameras than autofocus lenses. The only downside is that it does not communicate with the camera so you need to hand focus and manually adjust the aperture, which can be a pain for people who are used to full automatic cameras.

This lens was made for EF-mount 35mm film cameras but will also work well on today's APS-C sensor Canon DSLRs (currently the 6D, 5D, and 1Dx/1Ds series). It can also be used with some mirrorless Canon RF lenses with a slight loss of autofocus speed.

David Sunnyside
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