Carnival Cruises - Masala Cruise Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re flying to the port, there will be airfare and possibly a hotel (or Airbnb) that you will have to budget for. You’ll also need to factor in meals while you’re in town before and after your cruise. And if you’re driving, there will be costs for parking or Uber to get to the ship.

For those who love Indian cuisine, you’ll be pleased to learn that Carnival Cruise offers a wide selection of dishes, including many Indian options in their main dining rooms each night. You can also enjoy Masala Tiger, a specialty restaurant aboard select Carnival ships, which features Indian food cooked in traditional clay ovens at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Sample tandoori chicken or fish, succulent beef kebabs and hot naan with sweet chutney.

You’ll find the Masala Tiger on the Carnival Splendor, at Deck 9. When visiting the restaurant, it is recommended that guests dress in Carnival’s requested ‘Cruise Casual’ attire. Gentlemen should wear dress pants or jeans and a polo shirt; ladies may wear summer dresses, skirts and blouses, capris or elegant shorts. Please note that tracksuit trowsers, basketball shorts and flip-flops are not permitted in the venue.

David Sunnyside
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