Casio Privia PX350 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

casio privia px350 review

If you are looking for a digital piano that is packed full of features, the casio privia px350 may be the one for you. It is designed for musicians and aspiring pianists and comes with all of the latest technology at a price that makes it affordable to everyone.

The Casio Privia is a series of digital pianos that are highly popular amongst musicians. They are known for their impressive realism and professional quality sound.

It has an 88 key scaled hammer action keyboard and has simulated ebony and ivory textured keys for a feel that is similar to an acoustic piano. It also uses Casio's "AiR" sound source engine which provides accurate instrument modeling with a high level of sonic detail.

As with all Privia digital pianos, the PX350 has class compliant USB connectivity so it can be used with computers and other music devices without having to download drivers. It also has a thumb-drive dock for recording performances directly onto a drive.

Another important feature of the Casio Privia is its 17 track recording capabilities which is more than many other pianos in this price range. This means that you can record your entire performance and then play it back at any time to hear it all again.

This is a great feature for anyone that wants to practice their piano playing skills in front of other people and to be able to show them how good you are at it. The only negative thing about this feature is that it does show an audible compression effect when you are playing it at very loud volume. But if you are not someone that often plays it at the highest volume then this is not really an issue at all!

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