Cavalry Tires Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

cavalry tires review

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The Cavalry is a mud terrain all season truck tire that features an advanced tread design and compound to upgrade the year round performance of your vehicle. Its engraved supes and grooves offer excellent road bite during high speeds and prevent uneven wear for an extended tread life. Its silica tread compound can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures to deliver consistent performance. The ideal tread pattern and compound heighten the all weather traction, with enhanced steering response time and boosted maneuvering and cornering for driver comfort.

Its directional tread design stabilizes the model against the driving pressure affecting it throughout the drive, boosting the steering responsiveness and stability. The tire's constant surface contact upgrades the driving accuracy to match your commands, while the symmetric tread's upgraded all weather road grip ensures safer travel on both dry and wet surfaces.

It features a detailed tread pattern with wider and more robust shoulder tread blocks to protect the model against curbs, unexpected road hazards and other road debris. The directional tread design also enhances the mud terrain road grip with large staggered tread elements and wide grooves. The mud terrain tire's self-cleaning mechanism eliminates the mud stuck within the grooves and ejects rock from between tread elements to prevent stone retention and enhance the all season road grip.

The ideal tread design and compound avoid irregular wear formations by evenly distributing the driving pressure across the entire footprint. The evenly distributed forces of acceleration, braking and cornering also help to prevent hydroplaning, a dangerous driving hazard that occurs when the tires lose contact with the road or terrain surface. This feature extends the tread life of the Cavalry tires.

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