Cherry MX Silent Red Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

cherry mx silent red review

Silent red review

If you’re looking for a quiet keyboard, then you might want to consider getting the latest Cherry MX silent red switch. This new mechanical switch is designed to offer a quieter typing experience without sacrificing performance. It’s rated to last 50 million keystrokes and features gold crosspoint contacts that prevent the switch from bouncing back to the actuation point.

Cherry MX switches are a popular choice for gamers due to their responsiveness and reliability. They’re also a great option for people with limited space or those who like to take their keyboard with them on the go.

However, the clicking sound from these switches can be annoying to some users. The silent red switch is designed to reduce this noise and eliminate the need for lube.

It also has a lower actuation force than regular cherry mx red, which means it’s more suitable for gaming applications. The actuation force is 45 cN, compared to 59 cN for standard cherry mx red.

The pre-travel is 1.9 mm, which is lower than the standard 3.7 mm of cherry mx red. This is a great way to keep the operating noises down and makes them better for gaming and typing application.

They’re a little heavier than other switches, but they’re also more responsive and have more travel distance. They’re IP52-certified, which means they’re protected against dust and other objects.

They’re also a little harder to get used to, especially if you’re not accustomed to using linear switches. They’re less comfortable and can be tiring to type on for long periods of time.

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