Choosing a Steering Wheel For Your PlayStation 5

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

steering wheel ps5

if you're an avid racing gamer using a standard controller, upgrading to a steering wheel could make the experience more immersive and realistic, as well as giving more control of your car. By having a steering wheel you'll feel every bump of the road - this connection between tires and track is what separates great racers from those that spin out midrace!

Steering wheels provide more precise control of your car, enabling you to make split-second corrections that would be impossible with controllers alone. This is particularly advantageous in sim racing where even minor errors can have dramatic repercussions that determine who wins or loses.

However, finding a suitable wheel requires more than simply picking out any old one and hoping for the best - you need one that works with both your PS5 console and desired games. Luckily, due to its longevity there is now an extensive selection of compatible wheels which should work seamlessly with your system. Some even provide force feedback, making your experience even more realistic!

Let's start off with entry-level options compatible with PS5: the Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T248 are great budget options that offer excellent console racing performance at a budget-friendly price. Both feature force feedback for authentic racing experience as well as 900deg rotation for optimal use behind the wheel.

Fanatec Podium F1 wheel base utilizes Direct Drive technology, producing forces of up to 20Nm. This provides you with more feedback of every small detail of the track such as bumps, understeer and more!

This investment may be costly, but the PlayStation Racing Wheel is unquestionably the pinnacle of console racing wheels and should be included as part of any serious driving experience. Not only is it packed with wheel and pedal sets; its comprehensive software suite allows for complete customization to maximize immersion into driving experience.

There are cheaper options that still provide immersion and accurate controls, yet won't come close to providing the realism found with the Fanatec Podium F1. We suggest checking out HORI XR8+ or Logitech G923 as these provide good pedals, comfortable wheel and offer force feedback features - ideal choices for beginners.

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