Chris Graham Mastering Review - Interview With Brian Hood

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

chris graham mastering review

Article by : Brian Hood

Chris Graham is a multi genre Billboard chart breaking mastering engineer that works out of his home studio. He is also co-host of the Six Figure Home Studio Podcast with Brian Hood, a show that helps audio engineers make a full time living from their home studios. Chris is passionate about seeing audio engineers succeed, and loves nothing more than watching people "fire their boss" and go full time in music.

This week we sit down with Chris to discuss how he went from living in the hood, to scaling up his business to work with HUNDREDS of clients per month. He shares how he got started, and some of the smart tricks he uses to run effective Google Ads campaigns that deliver him high quality clients.

Comparably rates 2 employees at chris graham mastering review across several culture dimensions. See how well they're prepared on their first day, and how they feel about the pace of work at chris graham mastering. Find out more about this company and thousands of other companies.

David Sunnyside
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