Chris Rock Get Paid $40 Million For Netflix Special Bring the Pain

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

how much did chris rock get paid for netflix special

Chris Rock is back performing stand-up specials after an eight year absence, signing a $40 Million deal with Netflix that will air his shows.

That is an eye-watering amount, even by comedy special standards; and much higher than what Louis C.K. or Jerry Seinfeld earned in their specials.

1. Tamborine

Chris Rock is one of the most successful comedians ever. Last year alone, this multi-Emmy winner made over $42 Million between films, TV shows, an HBO special and his comedy tour.

At Netflix, he signed two stand-up special contracts that paid him $40 Million each - more than what Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld or Amy Schumer ever earned! This record-setting deal paid more than Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld or Amy Schumer ever did in their careers.

Tamborine was released as an hour-long show on Netflix in 2018, making little waves but offering plenty of material about woke culture, parenting issues and Will Smith slapping incident at last year's Oscars. Rock has also promised a world tour featuring material from this special - something sure to boost his bottom line further. However, how much is Rock actually worth? Here are some estimates - with his salary from Netflix special included, Rock could be worth upwards of $55 Million making him eighth highest paid comedian worldwide.

2. Selective Outrage

Netflix's 40 million deal with comedian Chris Rock was an important first step for them as an streaming giant. According to reports, they outbid Amazon, Hulu, and HBO for his new specials; giving Rock a place where his controversial yet hilarious humor could shine.

Rock's Selective Outrage tackles an array of timely and timeless topics, such as woke culture and its associated hypocrisy of virtue signaling; moral narcolepsy that causes people to jump on every bandwagon without considering their beliefs or values; woke culture; hypocrisy associated with virtue signaling; as well as the moral narcolepsy caused by people joining every trend without regard for personal beliefs and values.

The show also examines social media outrage, which can often be used as an effective form of bullying to silence those with different viewpoints. It was refreshing to witness an engaging comedian point out how such behavior is harmful and counterproductive - yet in an entertaining and nonjudgmental manner.

3. Bring the Pain

Bring the Pain should prove an unforgettable live-streamed comedy special for Netflix. The concept behind Bring the Pain promises an explosive mix: an interactive rock special with real audience participation, timely discussions of an upsetting pop-cultural event, and rock's classical performance style.

But the filmmaking is less than stellar; its camerawork is unsteady and often zooms in too closely on Rock, taking away from his dynamic performance and its editing doesn't maintain Rock's style; switching shots without creating an effective rhythm.

Early on, Rock throws a few softballs, such as making jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia (something she addressed during her own Red Table Talk special), but the show quickly becomes much more interesting when he begins making razor-sharp attacks at specific targets - from trans rights jokes to taking aim at the Kardashians, Rock unleashes all his animus at them all.

4. Everybody Hates Chris

Chris Rock has earned himself an international following through his work as an actor, comedian, and director. First becoming popular after appearing on Saturday Night Live for many seasons and later staring in movies such as CB4, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, New Jack City. Additionally he hosted the 88th Academy Awards, directed Amy Schumer special and guest starred on Empire - making him an indispensable member of pop culture!

Recently, comedian Kevin Hart made a return to stand-up after an eight year absence with two Netflix comedy specials worth $40 million each. The first show was recorded in 2017 and will soon be followed by a world tour.

Netflix specials are part of their push into original content creation. Prior to now, the streaming giant had made deals with Aziz Ansari, Chelsea Handler and Patton Oswalt who won an Emmy for his special Talking for Clapping.

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