ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin: Business Generator

March 18, 2022
Tech Exclusive

Plugin Description

ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin is a great tool to help businesses automate their sales process. If you already have a WordPress site then this plugin will allow you to add pages directly from ClickFunnels to the domain you use in WordPress. This is super helpful as it enables you to use the pages directly on your WordPress site. 

ClickFunnels is a website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs. So if you are currently running your own WordPress site as a business, then you really want to take advantage of this plugin. It is a great tool for generating leads and really connecting and helping the sales process for your customers. The great thing about this plugin is that you can add a funnel directly into your WordPress site. This is an incredibly helpful tool for those who wish to use WordPress while still keeping the same domain for ClickFunnels.

Etison, LCC created this plugin for its WordPress users who are already using their WordPress site to run their own business. It’s super convenient to be able to connect your funnels to your already running site. Check out the link below and see for yourself. It’s important to keep in mind when considering this plugin is that the funnel attached to WordPress must remain on your ClickFunnels subdomain. Also, certain ad blockers can prevent the plugin from properly connecting. 

Specifications: ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin

Photos: ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin

ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin

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