Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd.

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside


Patents relating to a system for identifying age based on facial features include: obtaining a face image; capturing a plurality of feature points in the face image; defining a plurality of feature areas on the face image based on coordinates of the plurality of feature points; acquiring an age feature from each of the plurality of feature areas; and comparing the age feature with at least one threshold value.

A device for detecting a malfunction of a baseboard management controller (BMC) includes a motherboard to transmit a detection command to the BMC; a determining unit to determine whether the motherboard receives a response value from the BMC within a preset time; and a control circuit to control the BMC to send a warning signal when the determination unit determines that the motherboard works abnormally.

Government customs records for Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte. ltd in El Paso. See their past imports and exports, including shipments to Vertiv Energy Private Limited. The company is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Fulian Fugui Precison Indu, which is in turn a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group, a huge Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer. It is estimated that Foxconn manufactures over 40% of all electronics world-wide, and that the company has over a million employees. It is also the worlds largest employer. The company has numerous subsidiaries worldwide. The Chinese-owned Shenzhen Fulian is known as the "worlds factory" because of its massive manufacturing capabilities.

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