Cobra King Black Wedge Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Cobra is garnering plenty of praise for its recent products like its drivers and one length irons, but are its wedges worthy of the same level of attention? The answer is a resounding yes thanks to the King Black. This wedge combines classic-looking aesthetics with a unique manufacturing process and three grind options to create a wedge that looks good, feels good and plays well.

The key technology here is the use of Metal Injection Molding (MIM). Unlike forgings and castings, which require extensive post-processing to produce a finished product, MIM produces an unfinished head shape that requires minimal hand polishing for a more precise wedge with softer feel.

Other features include a more traditional muscleback shape with increased mass behind the hitting area for improved feel and a higher, more controlled trajectory; a softer, more consistent QPQ finish with reduced glare in sunlight; and CNC milling to provide consistent spin. All of which combine to make a wedge that’s great for a wide range of swing types and turf conditions.

The wedge also utilizes Cobra’s SNAKEBITE groove design engineered to maximize spin around the greens. The re-engineered cutting process tightens groove tolerances and maximizes the volume of the grooves while sharpening edges for more accurate spin delivery. Available in a variety of lofts, bounces and sole-grind options to fit any wedge player.

David Sunnyside
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