Cold Podcast Review - A True Crime Podcast That Focuses on Cold Cases

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

cold podcast review

A true crime podcast that focuses on cold cases.

This is a deeply affecting and remarkably crafted series. It takes a case that’s been covered at the surface level in countless other podcasts, tv shows and shot documentaries and reveals new details with each episode, while never becoming redundant or tedious. The podcast does something that many other news media outlets struggle to do — it doesn’t fall into the trap of exploiting the victims, allowing the listener to feel deeply engaged without ever feeling disgusted or entertained by the horror of what happened.

Unlike most true crime podcasts where the storyline involves trying to uncover who killed someone, this one simply tells the story of how investigators tried and failed to do so before tragedy struck again. The host, Dave Cawley, is an investigative reporter and he knows how to streamline the flow of information so that the episodes are not just compelling but also thrilling.

He has built a large audience by leveraging a website dedicated to the podcast, along with YouTube and Reddit-style AMAs (ask me anything) to engage with users. He and his team at KSL have also spun additional news radio, website text and TV stories to help attract new audiences and build momentum for the show.

The podcast is a testament to the power of good journalism. It has also opened the eyes of people who were not directly affected by the crime to how insidious and pervasive domestic abuse can be.

David Sunnyside
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