Compact Presario V2000 Notebook Review

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

compact presario v2000

The compact Presario V2000 notebook is tailored specifically for business users who require an efficient yet lightweight notebook at an economical price. Boasting a 14-inch display, it is considered a thin-and-light notebook, meaning it weighs four to six pounds.

This PC features a sturdy dark PC-ABS case designed to take more bumps and scratches than expected from a budget laptop, providing plenty of protection from bumps and scratches. Furthermore, its exterior ports and jacks include four-pin FireWire connections; S-Video-out, VGA and docking connectors; two USB 2.0 ports; Ethernet 56K modem port, headphone/microphone jacks as well as headphone/mic jacks plus an impressive array of external connections such as Ethernet/56K modem modem modem; two USB 2.0 ports as well as Ethernet 56K modem port connections all available alongside its 6-in-1 flash memory card slots - including four-pin FireWire; four-pin FireWire four-pin FireWire, S-Video-out VGA; two USB 2.0 ports with docking; two USB 2.0 ports; two USB 2.0 ports with Ethernet/56K modem support; two USB 2.0 ports/ports/jacks as well as headphone/microphone jacks (plus two). Its many external connections/jacks feature: four-pin FireWire; two USB 2.0 ports/jacks; four-pin FireWire connections/VGA docking; S-Video out/VGA connection/Docking; two USB 2.0 ports/jacks connections/VGA; two USB 2.0 ports/ docking connections and docking/Docking; four pin FireWire; four pin FireWire connections; two USB 2.0 ports/ 56K modem connections/ docking; two USB 2.0 ports/EthenTenencoil headphone/microphone connections/ docking; fourpin FireWire, SVideo out/VGA docking connections/ Docking docking docking; two USB 2.0 ports/ docking; two USB 2.0 connections/Docking connections/docking docking docking/ docking; docking connections/Docking connections and docking; docking connections/Dock; two USB 2.0 ports twoUSB; two USB 2.0; Ethernet 56K modem 56K modem 56K modem56K modem 56K modem 56K modem 56K modem 56K modem 56K modem 56K modem56K modem connections and docking connections two; Ethernet 56K modem 56K modem; two US;s 6in-1 card slots plus six -IN-1 Flash cards per card slots/6in1/Card slots 6in-1 sixIN1 flash card Slot 6in-1 6-in1 plus Head Phone-In1 docking connections four jack two two USB 2.0 two US only 6in only 6-In 1 6In for Dock; Dock dock 57 modem; two VGA dock ; two US 56K modem headphone- out; Two US modem 56K Modem 56K Modem; 56K modem 56K Modem 56K modem 56K Modem; 56K Modem etc, 56K Modem head phone mic-In1 flash memory slot also 6; 56K Modem head phone mic jack ;s; 2 ports 64 port; two US56K modem 56k modem 56K Modem 56K 56K Modem 54 modem 56K 56K modem 56K Modem 56K 56K modem 56K Modem 56K 56K 56K modem 56K 56K 56K 56K modem 56K 56K 56K Modem 56K 56K 56K modem 56K 56K 56K 56K 56K modem 56K 56K 56K modem

PC Magazine tested a Turion-based system with 2GHz of processing power and 512MB of memory and an 80GB hard drive; their review revealed it to be fast enough for most basic uses while being lightweight enough. Their standard software bundle included Windows XP Home as well as Microsoft Works 8.0 mini office suite - two essential apps for small-business use cases.

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