Conference WordPress Plugin: BuddyMeet

March 24, 2022
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Plugin Description

BuddyMeet is a great conference plugin that allows you to create a virtual conference room. You are able to have members meet virtually through video conferencing. Whether it's for work or socially. Check out the official Conference WordPress plugin below.

The BuddyMeet plugin was last updated two years ago. It is available for free download through WordPress. It also has an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. This plugin is a great tool for creating rooms based on different topics. With BuddyMeet, you are able to develop automatic customization of the room’s topic. As well as the names and pictures of the participants. The rooms are password protected. The first person to enter the room is able to set the password.

Themis Dakanalis created this plugin for its WordPress users to create a visual, audio, and conference-style website. With this plugin, you are able to make exclusive rooms where members have to be specifically invited. Because BuddyMeet is a plugin that uses Jitsi Meet, you have all the customizations of all the parameters that Jitsi Meet API supports.

I happen to think that this is an amazing WordPress plugin if you are looking to create a really great conferencing site. Take a look at the link below for a demo!

Specifications: Conference WordPress Plugin

Photos: Conference WordPress Plugin

Conference WordPress Plugin

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