Consumer Reports Good Guys Electronics Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

good guys electronics review

Founded in 1952 as Ian Muir’s Radio and Electrical Centre in Essendon, Victoria, The Good Guys has grown to become one of Australia’s leading electronics and appliance retailers. Today, the company boasts close to 100 stores nationwide and a thriving online presence, offering customers a wide range of products for their home and business needs.

The Good Guys is known for its wide selection and low prices. Its customer service is also rated highly, with many shoppers praising the ease of placing orders and the speed of delivery. The Good Guys also offers a variety of financing options, including buy now, pay later services like Zip Pay and Afterpay.

In a Consumer Reports survey of audio-video purveyors, The Good Guys came in third behind Costco and Sam’s Club. It scored well for selection and courtesy, but fell lower on aggressive sales pitches for extended warranties.

Gunst believes that The Good Guys’ problems are largely cyclical and that HDTV sales are picking up as consumers replace their old VCRs with high-end DVD players, Dolby Digital receivers and speakers. He says he’s confident that sales of those higher-tech gadgets will eventually offset declining sales of TVs, which account for 35 percent of the company’s revenues.

The Good Guys also operates the Concierge Gold Service Extra program, which lets shoppers return their new purchases up to 14 days after purchase. While the policy isn’t advertised, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Good Guys will price match bricks-and-mortar competition from Australia (but not online-only competitors). You can find out more by reading their terms and conditions.

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