Converse BB Evo Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

converse bb evo review

BB Evo is the latest high-performance basketball shoe from Converse, built for players who play fast and with a lot of movement. It features a lightweight feel with a low-to-the-ground design that grips the floor and keeps you moving. The shoes feature a rail lacing system to secure feet, Nike’s revolutionary React foam for responsive cushioning and a diamond lug traction pattern that delivers superior grip, no matter the angle or direction you move in.

This is a great shoe for small players who need to get low to the ground and move quickly. They are also good for wings who play a lot of three-pointers and small forwards that make lots of transitions. The only downside is that the cushion setup is a little on the firm side and it won’t be ideal for big men who like a lot of impact protection.

The traction on these shoes is really good, especially on clean indoor courts. It grabs hardwood and blacktop very well and players report that it doesn’t slip even when going from full speed to a stop at a millisecond’s notice. It does pick up a fair amount of dust though so you’ll need to wipe down the outsole often.

The upper on these shoes is made of a super thin, tightly knit Leno weave mesh material that’s very light. They also have wide holes in the tongue for plenty of air circulation. They have a really nice look and feel to them. The shoes are comfortable and you don’t need to break them in a lot either. They also have fused overlays to add strength and durability to the shoe’s structure.

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