Coordination of Screening and Vaccination Against COVID Using Telemedicine

December 27, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, global organizations were actively engaged in developing expeditious and efficacious measures to mitigate human contact to curtail the transmission of the virus. The popularity of online COVID testing scheduling systems have significantly increased since 2019, mostly due to this factor. Thus far, corporations have been expanding the capabilities of existing solutions to enhance healthcare systems on a broader scale.

In this article, we discuss Agiliway’s experience in developing a platform for testing, scheduling immunization appointments, and handling test results. Since its creation during the COVID-19 outbreak, the system has progressed into a scalable and adaptable system with far-reaching prospects in the healthcare sector.

Major Requirements for Developing a Healthcare Platform

During the first phases of the development process, the primary objective was to design a product that would possess the qualities of ease of maintenance and scalability, to effectively cater to the evolving demands of the dynamic healthcare industry. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent implementation of lockdown measures, securing a medical appointment posed considerable difficulties for individuals. Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge the potential hazards posed to persons belonging to vulnerable populations in the event of viral contamination. Hence, the implementation of a system aimed at mitigating the likelihood of contracting the virus when visiting a hospital or healthcare practitioner was deemed crucial. Moreover, individuals need information on the locations and procedures for accessing testing or vaccination services while minimizing potential risks to their well-being and that of others.

The team's biggest challenges were developing the features that would:

  1. Provide an integrated calendar for enrolling for tests and/or vaccinations;
  2. Locate on a map the establishments where vaccinations and/or testing are available;
  3. Include a payment mechanism that lets clients or insurance companies cover the cost of the medical treatment they get;
  4. Make the platform simple to update and implement modifications as needed.

What does the Agiliway development team do to make the most important changes?

During the development process, the team has prioritized two primary objectives: the creation of a scheduling and administration solution, as well as the development of a telemedicine tool. The objective was to streamline the procedure of scheduling appointments with physicians, handling financial transactions, and facilitating remote data access for healthcare service providers, insurance companies, and patients.

Regarding the scheduling component of the product, there were many significant implementations:

  • An API and data layer were created using the programming language Golang. This system was designed to handle payment processing from insurance companies.
  • Adding, editing, and viewing data entries were made possible for both patients and medical personnel.
  • Data processing and result transmission to the system were handled by an external tool that was integrated into the product. The Agiliway team built alert messages to testing sites to inform them about persons who had tested positive for COVID, based on the results of the tests.
  • To generate statistics pertaining to the COVID-19 contamination situation, the data team gathered and analyzed every test result.
  • The administration app was created using Ping or Okta permission, granting approval to control the entire system.

How Does Telemedicine Innovation Improve COVID-19 Testing and Patient Care?

Telemedicine is an additional noteworthy field of product development. Considering the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of a solution enabling patients to communicate with their healthcare providers without the need for in-person visits or online appointment bookings has emerged as a crucial need.

Patients who have had testing meet the predetermined criteria and are located within the given areas are sent notifications including their test results. The system is capable of generating a PDF document for patients, serving as evidence of their testing in compliance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) letter. Patients who have received positive test results are also sent notices with recommendations to get COVID medication or any supplementary medical interventions. The provision of therapy incurs a cost, hence the decision to continue engaging with the system or arrange an online appointment with a healthcare service provider is with the patient. Patients are required to make advance payments for their visits using the Stripe payment system integrated into the system. After the completion of the payment process, customers will be able to establish an account, through which they will have access to comprehensive details about their medical history. Following the visit, the platform gathers visit information to construct business metrics that will subsequently be used to enhance user experience.

To Summarize

The Agiliway team, with years of experience in constructing healthcare solutions, has been assisting our customers in the development and upkeep of a platform designed for efficient and expeditious registration for COVID testing or immunization inside the system. Furthermore, the scope of the functionality is being expanded to include registrations for other vaccinations and testing procedures, such as monkeypox. This feature enables users to get information on the locations of medical facilities that provide the treatments, obtain test results, and schedule appointments with doctors as needed. The integration of payment mechanisms inside the platform facilitates the convenient processing of payments by patients and insurance companies for the healthcare services provided by specialists in the field.

Get in touch with the team if you're searching for a trustworthy partner to help you develop your healthcare solution so we can help you transform your concept into a successful commercial offering.


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