Core Set 2020 Limited Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

There’s a good chance that no matter your MTG flavor of choice, you were at least a little bit excited about the reprint of Ugin, Spirit Dragon this week. It’s been a fun one for Commander players, with a bunch of cards seeing pretty big buyout spikes after the reprint was announced. This includes the likes of Kokusho, the Evening Star and Elenda, Dusk Rose, all of whom saw their prices double or more.

A lot of this is thanks to a small, but fairly significant rules change that allows the death and exile triggers on reprints to work properly in Commander. While this will probably help those cards in the long run, it’s also caused a few to feel a bit overpowered, particularly in Limited formats. The most obvious example is blue uncommon Teferi’s Tutelage, which can quickly snowball in a flyer deck and could easily be unbeatable for most opponents.

Another big impact of the reprint was on the Colossus Hammer, a new uncommon that can be used to build a decent two-card combo in Standard or Modern. It’s not going to be the most competitive combination, but it’s still a nice addition and should see moderate buyout demand.

Overall, this is a solid core set that feels fairly geared towards casual players. It’s got a good mix of easy to understand cards, some pretty overpowered rares and mythics, and some really fun Commander-worthy additions. It’s a welcome change from the heavily factioned Ravnica sets of recent years. Core set 2020 is available in 16-card boosters, a mono-colored theme booster, five Planeswalker Decks, the Spellslinger Starter Kit and Welcome decks, and the Core 2020 bundle.

David Sunnyside
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