Cosmetic Repairs That Can Help Your Car Retain Its Value

October 12, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Even if your vehicle is in tip-top mechanical shape, maintaining the cosmetic appearance of its interior and body can be just as critical to retaining its overall value. So, if you plan to sell your vehicle for the most you can get for it, it is important to focus on the following repairs to retain, and possibly increase, its value:

Replacing a Cracked Windshield

While it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in only a handful of states, it is unsightly no matter where you live, and windshield damage can also distract drivers. It is always best to replace the glass, which is an easy job that doesn’t cost much money.

Eliminating Offensive Odors

A well-kept and clean car that smells like cigarettes, rotting food, or wet dog is still not going to attract many buyers. Getting your interior detailed can help, or you can try air fresheners and products from the auto store to combat nasty smells.

Polishing Blurry Headlights

Yellowish and faded headlights take away from the aesthetic of the front of your automobile. Using a headlight-restoration kit, you can polish these fixtures so they look as good as new again!

Removing Tacky Bumper Stickers

Peel off any bumper stickers that adorn your car. This means anything, such as honor roll mentions, college boasts, “Baby on Board” signs, and especially anything espousing religious or political views. Bare bumpers are the best ticket to quick sales.

Repairing Dents, Scratches, and Damage

When buyers purchase a used vehicle, they expect it to be a bit more lived-in than a new car, but they don’t want to purchase something that is completely unappealing. So, take the time to have scratches, chips, and dents smoothed out. And, if your front or back end has been damaged, consider bumper repair or replacement.

Repainting a Car that has an Unusual Color

Cars that are painted in strange or unique hues, like pink, purple, or orange, do not appeal to the general public. It is best to repaint your vehicle a generic shade, such as the ever-popular silver or white, to attract more potential buyers.

In conclusion, even small cosmetic imperfections can turn buyers off. The best defense against this is following the list above and taking care of the surface repairs that may drive purchasers away. After all, while you could simply sell your car for less, making these repairs will attract more buyers over the long run.


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