Coyote Light Pro Predator Light Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

predator light review

A predator light allows you to see the reflection of an animal’s eyes at long distances, helping you locate your target. The ability to identify your target is the #1 safety rule for nighttime predator hunting, so choosing a predator light that can provide you with this information is crucial. The Coyote Light Pro does just that, enabling you to confidently pull the trigger knowing you have a clear shot.

This green predator light is ideal for new hunters, as it functions simply and is easy to operate. It’s also less expensive than most other predator lights on the market. The bright green light provides long-distance visibility without alerting nocturnal game to your presence, and it doesn’t have to be turned on all the way to get the job done. It’s a good idea to carry a handheld light as well, so you can scan for targets and then quickly switch to your mounted predator light when a target comes in close.

This predator light comes with all the mounts needed to attach it to a Picatinny rail, rifle scope, or barrel. It also includes a remote control that lets you silently adjust the intensity of the light without ever having to take your hands off the gun. The adjustable power mode lets you optimize the runtime of the light based on your needs and the condition of the batteries. This light features step stabilization, so even when the battery protection trips it won’t suddenly go dark; instead, the brightness will slowly reduce until you’re able to manually activate it again.

David Sunnyside
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