Creating Inclusive Campus Events: A Guide for Student Organizations

December 6, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

Student organizations play a pivotal role in shaping campus life and fostering a sense of belonging among students. One of the key challenges these groups face is organizing events that are inclusive and accessible to everyone. This article will explore some strategies to help student organizations create inclusive campus events while also shedding light on the importance of CART (Communication Access Real-Time Translation) services and CART captioning for students with hearing disabilities.

The Importance of Inclusive Campus Events

Inclusivity is the cornerstone of a thriving and diverse campus community. When student organizations plan events that embrace inclusivity, they ensure that all students, regardless of their background or abilities, can participate and feel welcome. Inclusive events promote diversity, encourage interaction, and enhance the overall college experience.

Early Planning and Collaboration

Successful inclusive events begin with careful planning. Student organizations should start the planning process well in advance to allow sufficient time for accessibility considerations. Collaborate with the campus disability services office to identify specific needs and resources available for students with disabilities. This early collaboration will help you address potential barriers and create a more accessible event.

Venue Accessibility

Selecting an accessible venue is crucial for ensuring that all attendees can participate without hindrance. Consider factors such as wheelchair accessibility, ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms. Make sure that the event space accommodates everyone, including individuals with mobility challenges.

Clear Communication

Effective communication is key to inclusivity. Promote your event through various channels, including social media, email, and flyers. Provide detailed information about the event, including date, time, location, and contact information. Make it easy for attendees to request accommodations or ask questions about accessibility.

Accessibility Services

CART services involve a trained captioner who provides real-time captioning of spoken content, making it accessible to individuals with hearing impairments. Captioning not only benefits students with hearing disabilities but also aids those who may have difficulty understanding accents or following fast-paced discussions.

CART services use stenography machines or voice recognition software to capture spoken words and convert them into text. This text is then displayed on a screen, allowing individuals with hearing disabilities to follow the conversation in real time. CART services can be provided in classrooms, meetings, and, importantly, at campus events.

CART captioning is especially relevant for events with guest speakers, panel discussions, or presentations. It ensures that students with hearing disabilities can fully engage with the content being presented. By displaying captions on a screen, it promotes comprehension and inclusion.

Accessibility Information

Include information about available accommodations in your event promotions. Let attendees know that CART services will be provided. Encourage participants to request specific accommodations when they register for the event. This proactive approach demonstrates your commitment to accessibility and encourages a more inclusive atmosphere.

Train Event Staff

Ensure that your event staff is aware of accessibility considerations and knows how to assist attendees with disabilities. Provide training on how to use CART services and captioning equipment, if necessary. Having knowledgeable staff on hand can make a significant difference in ensuring a smooth and inclusive event.

Feedback and Improvement

After the event, seek feedback from attendees, including those who require accommodations. Use their input to make improvements for future events. Continuously striving to enhance accessibility will not only benefit students with disabilities but also contribute to the overall success of your organization's events.


Creating inclusive campus events is not only a moral imperative but also a rewarding endeavor that enriches the college experience for all students. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, student organizations can ensure that their events are welcoming and accessible to everyone. Additionally, recognizing the significance of CART services and captioning for students with hearing disabilities is a crucial step toward fostering an inclusive campus community. Embrace diversity, prioritize accessibility, and watch your events thrive as they bring students from all backgrounds together in the spirit of inclusivity.


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