Creed 3 Wallpaper

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

creed 3 wallpaper

Creed 3 marks the latest installment in the Rocky franchise and fans will undoubtedly appreciate these fantastic wallpapers featuring Creed 3.

Michael B Jordan continues to honor and revise Sylvester Stallone's legacy through this sequel, while also showing how having family around can have an enormous impact on how one perceives life.

Rise to the Top

As Creed prepares to enter retirement, one of his former boxers - Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson) arrives with an intent on exacting revenge on Creed. A palpable tension between these characters quickly arises due to their unequal power dynamic and age difference; both possess something valuable that the other needs.

This minimalist wallpaper showcases Adonis Creed from Creed II boxing in a boxing ring with "Rise to the Top" written across it - perfect for fans of the film looking for stylish yet motivational backgrounds on their phones! Download now to add some flair and swagger to your iPhone; its free but you must be signed into Google before downloading! Have fun!

Adonis Creed in the Ring

This Creed 3 wallpaper shows an up close shot of the main character boxing against an intense background. Perfect for anyone who enjoys boxing genre and wants to add drama and excitement to their desktop desktop!

In 1998, Adonis "Donnie" Johnson discovers he is the illegitimate son of former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (who died before Donnie was even born), whom Mary Anne Creed adopted him and provided with opportunities for success; yet Donnie continues to use violence as his go-to solution for dealing with life around him.

At one point during a fight, Adonis encounters his abusive foster father Leon who attempts to assault him. Adonis responds aggressively but is saved from further injury by Rocky Balboa who intervenes quickly to stop an even worse beating from occurring. Later on he decides to pursue professional boxing under Balboa's tutelage and began training under him as mentor.

Adonis Creed in a Boxing Pose

Ryan Coogler's directorial debut "Creed III" places Adonis Creed back into the fold as an underdog boxing champion earning big money at his gym and enjoying life with Bianca and daughter Amara in a lavish Los Angeles mansion. But these don't appear to be his final underdog days!

That is until Damian Anderson (Jonathon Majors), his childhood friend-turned-foe from years earlier resurfaces as an old acquaintance he once defeated in the boxing ring and is now out to win back his title from. A thrilling fight scene ensues between these two as they come to terms on and off the boxing ring while also working through any unresolved personal matters from their pasts.

Adonis Creed in a Boxing Ring

Creed III digs deeper into Adonis' backstory than its predecessors, yet emotional struggles remain the heart of the franchise. Ryan Coogler has an exceptional gift for character development (even when Adonis simply strolls up those famous Philadelphia steps) as well as for creating high-octane boxing matches without losing sight of their characters' personal struggles.

As part of an opening flashback scene, Adonis sneaks out to watch Golden Gloves champion Damian "Dame" Anderson compete in an underground boxing match. Unfortunately, during their visit Leon impulsively attacks Dame with a pipe.

Adonis must battle both his inner demons and an adversary who threatens to steal his title, all while managing family obligations, romantic pursuits and being an accomplished boxing superstar.

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