Critical Information when Choosing a Mobile Phone Plan

December 30, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Certainly, a mobile phone plan can cause you stress if it does not suit your needs. While you can find most of the information you need on a provider’s website, it is crucial to do more research just to be sure. This article will guide you on the critical information you need to pay attention to when choosing a mobile plan.

Check Providers Review Sites

While you may consider checking the mobile phone plan on a provider’s website, you may not find all the information you need. In Australia, several sites and platforms will give you reviews including the performance, reliability, coverage, and value for money of each of the providers you are considering. These websites will not only help you compare the providers but also find one that best suits your needs.

Terms and Conditions when Switching between Mobile Phone Plans

Before signing to a mobile phone plan, it is crucial to understand the costs and conditions for switching to another plan or provider. Such information includes whether you need to visit the store to switch and whether you can keep your number when you switch. You also need to know whether you will need to purchase a new phone when switching and whether the current carrier will need to unlock your phone or SIM card. While some mobile devices are not compatible with all networks, you will need to find out the compatibility of the device with other carriers.

Be Aware of the Fine Print

When choosing a carrier, you need to be aware of attractive perks that providers use to persuade you to take their offers.  Do not let these perks drive your decision. For example, while some providers offer free international roaming, you may find their wireless speeds are low and you may be forced to pay extra to have faster internet access. Similarly, when choosing ‘unlimited’ packages, they don’t literary mean it. For such mobile phone plans, there are caps or thresholds, which once surpassed, the speeds become slower or the connection is not entirely available. So, be ware of all these perks.

Prioritise Network Coverage

Choosing a carrier that has strong coverage is one of the best decisions you can ever make. While coverage maps on the carrier’s website can brief you on the coverage, you need to seek reviews from people in those covered areas. Make sure you know the network performance in those areas, reliability, and internet speeds. Additionally, numerous companies collect data on coverage for different carriers and compare them. Find this data online to know mobile plans in Australia that are suitable for you. All this is to say, the more data you find on these carriers, the better you are advised when picking the right one for you.


The critical information expressed in this guide is meant to help you be aware of all the ‘secrets’ behind all promotional messages for different mobile plans in Australia.

If you consider deliberately paying attention to these issues, you will be guaranteed of finding a plan that works for you and would not find the need to switch to another afterwards.

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