Crocs Golf Shoe Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

crocs golf shoe review

For golfers, the right shoes aren’t just about looks. The right pair of shoes will help your game by promoting stability, comfort and providing good traction on all types of surfaces. They will also protect your feet from hazards like rough terrain and hot asphalt.

With this in mind, many players are looking for a shoe that can be worn both on the course and after the round at a restaurant or social event with their friends or family. Companies have responded to this demand by creating shoe styles that can be used for both purposes without sacrificing the performance you expect from a golf shoe.

These new styles are often called “trainer/sport” shoes and they offer a blend of the best of both worlds – the comfort of athletic sneakers with the solid traction of a golf shoe. They typically have a snug fit and are made of light materials that breathe well. They are an excellent choice for players who prefer to walk the course and don’t need the extra support that comes with spiked or high-performance shoes.

For example, the Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 used by Brooks Koepka is a great shoe that offers both a comfortable fit and a solid traction that rivals the best spiked shoes on the market. Other shoes in this category include the Nike Zoom Air Rally and the FootJoy Premier Series.

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