Cuetec Cynergy Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

cuetec cynergy review

The Cuetec Cynergy Review

The Cynergy is a high-performance carbon composite shaft developed for multi-disciplinary play. Designed with input from the Pro Team, English Black Ball and Chinese 8-Ball champions, the Cynergy is built with a specific pattern of spun carbon fiber tow reinforced by a poly-foam core. The Cynergy is then topped with an ultra-thin white sighting ferrule and laminated Sniper tip.


The Cuetec Cynergy is a premium shaft with very low deflection that feels like wood. It is a perfect match for players that use a lot of English and spin because it helps to stabilize the shot. It is also a great choice for players that don't want to deal with the issues associated with playing on a house table.

Shaft Packaging

The shafts are packaged in a stylish box that gives the impression of a premium product. Inside is the shaft itself, a joint protector, 10 cleaning towels and a Cynergy patch. The instructions include a warning that the shaft is not designed to tolerate significant lateral pressure and that sanding or polishing may void the warranty.

Cuetec also recommends that the shaft be resurfaced by a qualified professional if it becomes damaged. This process removes the thin layer of resin from the surface and exposes the pure carbon composite beneath it. This will help to keep the shaft looking new longer. Replacing the shafts ferrule is also a must to maintain the warranty. This is accomplished by applying a reasonable amount of Isopropyl alcohol (75% or higher) to a clean, soft cloth towel and wiping it down the length of the shaft.

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