CVA Optima Muzzleloader Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

optima muzzleloader review

CVA grabbed everyone’s attention when they introduced their new Optima muzzleloader designed to take hunters out to 300 yards with ease. Some were skeptical that the gun could live up to these bold claims. But when the gun was tested, it proved to be a great muzzleloader buy.

This break open hammer muzzleloader features an ambidextrous stock and a bullet guiding muzzleloading system, and the 416 stainless steel fluted barrel resists corrosion and is easy to clean. A reversible hammer spur and CrushZone recoil pad round out this muzzleloader’s feature set. The trigger breaks at about 4.5 lbs on the Lyman electronic trigger gauge, and the rifle is surprisingly well balanced.

The Optima shoots a wide variety of bullets and sabots. It has a 1 in 28 twist rate for greater stability and long-range accuracy. It also features a Quick Release breech plug that’s tool-free and easy to remove.

As you can see, the Optima is able to shoot 1-inch groups, which is excellent for a muzzleloader. However, a lot depends on the shooter and ballistics aren’t everything; it’s more important to put the bullet in the target.

In addition to the Optima, there are several other muzzleloaders that shoot well. Some are more traditional inline models and others are breaking ground. If you’re looking for a good muzzleloader, check out these top-rated options:

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