CZ P10c Review 2021

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

cz p10c review 2021

CZ P10c Review 2021

The CZ P10c is a new handgun made by CZ that was released in 2017. This striker-fired pistol was made to compete against the Glock 19 and other polymer framed guns on the market.

CZ is known for making some of the best firearms on the market, and they certainly didn't disappoint in this one. The P-10 is built to be durable and reliable, and it has a lot of features that make it a very well rounded gun.

It's also a very accurate gun, and it's easy to shoot. This is a great choice for any beginner or experienced shooter looking for an affordable, easy to use, striker fired gun.

Ergonomics: The P-10 has a very tight grip that is designed to be shaped to your hand. It also has a deep saddle that is right under the rear of the slide, which gives it a very comfortable fit for your hand.

The front of the grip is also shaped to your hand and has a large flat area for the thumb. This is a great feature for the P-10, as it provides the user with a solid grip on the gun and allows them to get the proper angle when they are aiming.

The pistol's frame is also designed to be durable, and it is constructed of a fiber reinforced polymer that has a high-quality finish. This polymer also helps the frame resist thermal shock, so it won't degrade quickly.

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