Daniel Defense DDM4 V5 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

daniel defense ddm4 v5 review

A Daniel Defense ddm4 v5 review is an overview of the company's latest carbine, chambered for the new 300 AAC Blackout cartridge. If you've been ignoring this new.30-caliber round and its potential for quiet operation, increased energy on target and delivering a higher level of performance at longer distances than 5.56mm NATO rounds, now is the time to look again.

The ddm4 v5 is made in the USA, so you can count on it being made with quality parts and assembled with care. That's a big deal for an AR manufacturer, because most are part assemblers who buy components from other manufacturers.

This DDM4 v5 is built around a 16-inch cold-hammer forged barrel with a light weight profile, a mid-length gas system and a Daniel Defense flash suppressor. The rifle is fitted with the lightweight and ergonomic DDM4 rail, perfectly adapted for end-users who need valuable rail real estate for accessories that fit their shooting needs.

It also features a slick top monolithic upper receiver, which provides operators with valuable top rail real estate for attaching red dot, holographic or magnified optics. QD swivel attachment points are integrated on the front and back of the rail for fully ambidextrous sling attachment.

The ddm4 v5 also includes a Daniel Defense 1.875-inch flash suppressor, which is positioned on the forward rail. It also features a Daniel Defense sling loop, which is mounted on the receiver's side rather than at the front of the receiver as most sling loops are, reducing the chance of damaging the rifle or your hands. All of these items are made to military specifications, including hard-chrome-lined and magnetic-particle inspected bolt carrier group and gas key, pressure tested and shot-peened extractors.

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