Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The daniel defense delta 5 pro review is a specialized rifle built to compete in the Production Division of PRS. The rifle makes bold claims about half-MOA accuracy with quality factory match-grade ammunition at 100 yards. G&A’s testing of the gun has proven those claims to hold true.

The Delta 5 Pro is a full-featured bolt action rifle that’s ready to compete right out of the box, and it’s priced well within the Production Division price limit. It boasts an interchangeable barrel, a one-of-a-kind thumb rest, a toolless configurable buttstock, Area 419’s Hellfire muzzle brake and a host of custom features rarely found on a production bolt-action rifle.

A lightweight skeletonized chassis with an M-LOK rail is ready to accept optics and accessories, with plenty of QD mounting points. A ten-round, AICS-pattern magazine is slung below, with a button-release trigger guard that’s ambidextrous and comfortable in either hand.

The Delta 5 Pro’s 6.5 Creedmoor barrel is cold-hammer forged to the profile, which means that the contour, bore and chamber are made at the same time for superior accuracy and consistency. This barrel is also end-user replaceable, which allows the shooter to swap out the barrel when it wears through PRS-level shooting.

David Sunnyside
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