David's Perfume Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

As a YouTube star, David Dobrik has capitalized on his millions of followers to become a multi-faceted entrepreneur. In addition to a booming beauty channel and his vlog squad, Dobrik has ventured into the fragrance world with his debut collection aptly named david's perfume.

The collection features two scents -- a men's and women's version of #01 Amber And Cashmere, and a pink fragrance with notes of grapefruit and sandalwood called #02 Grapefruit And Sandalwood. The two fragrances are available for $60 each at the official david's perfume website, where fans can also sign up for future release events and product announcements.

According to the brand, the fragrances are "a heady mix of chiseled virility in fragrance form." Cool but enticing bergamot is blended with aromatic Italian rosemary and shamelessly seductive musk, while deep woody amber and velvety sandalwood round out the base notes.

The perfumes are the debut collection from a new fragrance startup dubbed Flower Shop Perfumes, which was founded in Sept. 2019 by entrepreneur Isaac Lekach. The boutique, direct-to-consumer fragrance company has since worked with the likes of Katy Perry and Adam Levine on their signature scents.

David Sunnyside
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