Daystate Regal XL Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Daystate Regal is one of the most well-established and reliable sporting air rifles around. A classic English styling complements beautifully-carved, Italian-crafted walnut woodwork which cradles a solidly engineered, yet remarkably lightweight, bolt action. It is a compact sports pistol-style rifle with a high-roll-over cheek piece and perforated rubber shoulder pad to ensure it's comfortably used by both right and left handed shooters. It has a 10-shot rotary magazine that can be instantly changed to single shot by removing a clip-in single shot tray. There's a pressure gauge built into the forend and recharging is easy using the standard snap-fit filling system neatly concealed behind a pull-off protective cover.

The HR model of the Regal features a Huma-Air regulator which improves the performance and consistency of this already outstanding rifle. A patented hammer design helps to reduce power consumption and a double-stage adjustable trigger delivers excellent precision levels for the size of its cylinder. The HR Regal is a compact, versatile and reliable PCP that can be used as an out-and-about small game hunting and plinking rig, or as a competitive field target weapon.

The Revere has been further refined with the addition of a new look breech and an action optimised to work with a self-indexing, gate-loading magazine designed and manufactured by Daystate. This provides greater payload capacity in both.177 and.22 calibres and a single-shot loading tray is also included. The Regal’s dovetail rail offers plenty of scope mounting space and there is a pressure gauge incorporated into the forend to display the maximum fill pressure.

David Sunnyside
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