Dayton Audio Apa100 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

dayton audio apa100 review

Dayton Audio Apa100 Review

The dayton audio apa100 is an all-in-one, aptX Bluetooth wireless amplifier board with a built-in DAC. It has a high efficiency TPA3116 Class D amplifier chip which delivers excellent sound quality with minimal distortion and pops.

It is CE and FCC certified for consumer applications and offers an aptX codec that improves streaming audio quality. This Bluetooth amplifier board can be powered by batteries or a mains power source, and will remain powered in standby mode for up to 7 days with its low power consumption.

This versatile amp is designed for use with a pair of speakers in stereo or bridge-mono mode. It can also be used as a subwoofer amplifier with the switchable low-pass filter.

A convenient power button makes it easy to control the amp's volume, and a 15-minute auto-sleep function will ensure that it is ready for use again when you need it. This small, affordable amplifier is the perfect solution for your mobile audio needs.

Dayton Audio is known for producing top-quality drivers and crossover components, as well as audio test and measurement products to help you design better speakers. Their planar tweeters and innovative audio exciters make your speakers come alive with a clear, detailed sound.

Dayton Audio's amplifiers and speaker components are engineered with exceptional engineering and rigorous testing to give you the performance you need at a price that is fair. They are also backed by the Dayton Audio promise of dedicated service that you can count on for years of faithful high-fidelity sound.

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